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Tower of Poets

Torre de Maneys was built in the XVI century and is believed to have been a former storage tower of the Castle of Óbidos.
The main house in stone, is linked to the house in front by an enclosed bridge accross the street.
Óbidos used to be a daytrip destination, and my parents and his friends came often.
One day they found the tower ruins, and the house accross the street, for sale and decided to buy it.
Since 1964, the house has been a holiday retreat for family and friends.
The writer and journalist, Manuel Gondim, which was a close friend and an enthusiast of the holidays spent there, named the house “Torre de Maneys” and in one of those occasions wrote a poem about it. He found it a startling coincidence, the fact that there could be at least six people in the household, between friends and relatives, with the same name "Manuel".
The five rooms in the house are named after them.


  • Rua Padre António d'Almeida, 82510-039 Óbidos, Portugal
  • +351 917 56 71 78+351 910 59 74 04
" exhilarating medieval experience just 1 hour’s drive from Lisbon"
The Wanderer
  • Rua Padre António d'Almeida, 8
  • 2510-039 Óbidos, Portugal

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Óbidos is an inspiring place for spending some leisurely time. The region is fascinating in its variety and its possibilities inexhaustible.
I have spent vacations there for many years and never ran out of things to do.