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In the tower are the common rooms of the house, distributed on two floors and an upper gallery (library). Due to topography, we can enter it from each floor and through various doors, thus enjoying a very particular relationship with the town. A guest suite is located on the ground floor. On the roof the terrace offers an interesting view of the town, the city walls and the countryside beyond.

Living rooms

The main entrance from the side street is on this level. This upper floor has a room with a fireplace, it is my favourite reading place in winter evenings.
A number of paintings representing views of Obidos are from local painters, active in the fifties and sixties. One is Lyon, the barber of the town, the other is Canario the guard of the city entrance.


The double height library with the gallery is the main room in the house and best for gatherings, watching a movie or listening to music.
Most of the books are on the stacks on the upper gallery, ready to browse. There is fiction and poetry in portuguese, english, french and spanish, and a few in italian.

We kept some of the old books of the house. There is a collection of travel expeditions to faraway places with beautiful engravings.

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Kitchen and Dining Room

The dining room and kitchen are on the lower floor, and both extend outside, to the town square and street. We usually have drinks and grill fish on the little yard off Largo da Misericórdia, the front of the tower, and the entrance to the dining room. Although we do not serve meals (beside breakfast), guests are wel­come to join us in a “table d´hôte, when we have dinners.
Here you can taste old recipes of local fruit drinks, according to the season: Limãozinho and Perinha are there in Winter. Later follows Moranguinho, Ameixinha e Pesseguinho.
Sometimes you can join us in the preparation.

Terrace and Patio

The terrace overlooks the town and the fields beyond. The pergola provides shade, and a place to sit and read or just relax. It is a good place for drinks, or for breakfast. There is a dumbwaiter to the kitchen.
The patio is one of the entrances to the house, and is a sheltered place to enjoy siting outside
In both of these places one can watch a good movie in a summer night.